Look what Maui has done to these 7 couples on vacation

People can talk all they want about their Maui vacation, but sometimes we need to let the photos do the talking.

Thanks to Google, we did a little random snooping on the blogs of some happy Maui vacationers. What you see here are two photos from their vacation: one from the start of their trip and one from the end of their trip. It doesn’t take much to notice the difference!

Couple #1: Happy to arrive, but still a little stiff

Couple #1: Just as happy, and waaaay more relaxed


Couple #2: “Cheers, we made it to Maui!”

Couple #2: “We don’t even need the drinks anymore.”


Couple #3: Day one — feels great to be in paradise

Couple #3: Last day — feels great to be alive


Couple #4: Classic vacation pose

Couple #4: Totally spontaneous selfie


Couple #5: “Everyone loves us.”

Couple #5: “I love you.”


Couple #6 – “Let’s get this party started!”

Couple #6: “We are NEVER EVER going back.”


Couple #7 (husband not pictured – no need!): I’ve got Arctic problems.

#7: I’ve got 99 problems, but Arctic ain’t one.

Thank to all the wonderful bloggers who took the time to chronicle their Maui vacations:


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